I have a new blog that is getting 500 pageviews a day? How much can I earn from AdSense?

Only pageviews are not enough to calculate the earnings

It depends on your niche (blog category) and keywords for which your blog is getting traffic from google. Traffic from Social Media won’t affect your earnings much if you are using Adsense.

Also, Make sure you have placed your ads well. By placing your ads wisely according to your blog or site layout can give you a good Click through rate (CTR) and it will increase your earnings accordingly as long as you are following Google Adsense guidelines.

Next, Keywords are the main thing in the determination of your Adsense Earnings and you may have noticed a metric “CPC” (Cost Per Click) in your adsense dashboard.

So, have a look on the keywords you are ranking and study their CPCs.


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